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Knowing something and being able to do it are two different things. That’s why I created iBMCer: so you don’t only know how online business works, but how to make it work for you.

Hello There,

Whether you landed here by accident or a friend recommended iBMCer to you, know that you’re welcome. I can’t thank you enough for sparing time to visit. So now, browse and hunt for a nuggets of wisdom lurking somewhere here.

iBMCer is for those who wish to understand how the online business world works. It’s for serious learners, who wish to create more impact, create more influence, and make more income. In short, it’s for those who wish to achieve massive success online.

If you want to learn how to build online business the right way, build profitable online assets, and of course, make money, whether as a business person, entrepreneur, author, trainer, speaker, coach, consultant, and info marketer, iBMCer will help you.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you read, where you’re coming from, or what you do now for a living: medical doctor, nurse, architect, accountant, professor, teacher, pastor, small business person, a student or even an internet guru: iBMCer will take you further.

As you must know, whenever the world changes (experts call it paradigm shift), the knowledge base is reset to zero so everyone must relearn afresh. Recall gramophone, typewriter, LP player? Today it’s smart phone, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. You get the gist.

Life is short so use your time wisely. At the same time note that business (as indeed life) is a marathon. You must be patient. You must persevere. You must focus on your goal. Those three pillars, plus the humility to relearn, will see you through.

Yes, talking about learning, iBMCer is your… Experience Annex. It’s your learning portal. You won’t find fluff here. Whether you want to write your first book, set up a profitable ecommerce, sell digital products, make money as a digital or content marketing writer, you’re welcome.

Just as I’ve helped thousands achieve success, become more confident, more assertive and successful, I will help you. Jump to your first course. Let’s start. Will you?

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INTERNET SCHOOL $259 (N125,500)

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Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

Paul Uduk — Founder & CEO.


“Paul is One of Nigeria’s most authentic experiential writers.” –Richmond Dayo Johnson.

One of Nigeria’s most sought after trainers,
Paul is the creator of game changing courses such as BWC (Book Writing Clinic), How Experts Build Empire, and iBMC (Internet Business Mastery Course).
In these Courses he teaches determined candidates how to write books, sell digital products and build Business Empires Online. The author of seven books, including Bridges to the Customer’s Heart, dubbed The Customer Service Bible, Paul’s students include ordinary Nigerians, Professors, Medical Doctors, Nurses, Bankers, Pastors, Archtects, Public Sector executives and many other professionals. Paul goes to great length to ensure his students succeed.

What People Says About Our Courses

To me, iBMC is a game changer.

Mrs. Olekamma Ekeleme

John Maxwell Certified Life Coach

In just seven days I achieved more visibility.

Oseloka Adikpo

Business Strategist
iBMC is excellent value for time and money.

Kayode Oluwasegun-Ojo


Management Consultant
To write a book, learn from someone who has written one. I’m a proud BWC Alumni Member.

Uwem Etuk

Human Resources Expert Agribusiness Entrepreneur
“iBMC forced me to focus. I’ve progressed.

Funmi Modupe

CEO, Global Interns
“iBMC is a Masterclass”

Kingsley Theophilus

Banking Executive

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